Residential Camp

June 16th - 18th (3-Day Camp)

Extended Day

Boys 9 - 18


Extended Day Camp is held in conjunction with Residential Camp. Extended Day campers participate in all training and educational sessions within the Residential Camp; the extended day campers arrive at the residence hall each morning at 8:30am and depart at 9:00pm at the conclusion of the evening session. The extended day campers eat lunch and dinner with the residential campers in the campus-dining hall.

Residential Camp

Boys 9 - 18


Colleges Committed for Camp Staff:

Wake Forest University

*More to come soon*

This three day intense training camp is held to maximize player development and teach the game the right way….THE WAKE WAY. Residential campers participate in 2-3 training sessions per day. Morning sessions consist of technical training; afternoon sessions cover the tactical aspects of the game and incorporate small-sided competitions. The day concludes with an evening session of 11 v 11 competitive matches. Goalkeepers will be coached by Dane Brenner.

"Our Residential Camp's goal is to develop the total player. We believe by the end of the week campers have an increased understanding of what it takes to take your game to the next level. "

- Bobby Muuss

Additional Information

Teams interested in attending Residential or Extended Day Camp should contact us at 336-758-3059 . Teams must have at least 10 participants in order to receive the team discount ($25 discount) and be grouped for training. To receive the discount your team must have a team coach, parent or administrator collect and mail in the registrations and payments together. You cannot receive the discount by registering online.


All campers will be housed in our AIR-CONDITIONED dormitories located on Wake Forest Campus. All dorms are equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Roommates are free to request each other in advance, but will be assigned at random after that. Please make any requests for a roommate on the application before your arrival at camp. We will try to accommodate to your group request as best as possible.

*There will be 24 hour supervision of the dorms will be provided by the camp staff.


All meals are included in the price of the camp, and will take place on the University of Wake Forest campuses. Meals are provided by Wake Forest Dining Services and are conveniently located near the dorms and fields. Pizza will be made available for purchase at night.

Camp Store

A camp store will be located at the bottom of the dormitories that will include a camp bank, snacks, drinks, and WFU apparel. On average, parents will leave their campers $50 in the camp bank for such items.

Packing List

* Sheets, pillows, towels and blankets are NOT provided by the camp*

Soccer Ball (each camper must have one)

Equipment Bag (for ball and gear)

Water Bottle

Shin guards

Tennis shoes

Soccer shoes (molded cleats and flats for turf)

Socks (8)

Underwear (8)

Playing shorts (6)

T-shirts (8)


Sweatshirt and Pants


Lip Balm

Flip flops

Alarm clock


Eyeglasses/Contact lenses/solution if needed

Bath Towels (3-5)


Extra long twin size sheets/pillow case or sleeping bag



Lost and Found

Will be located in the camp store, but we will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. Campers should clearly label all their belongings especially their soccer ball.

***In the event of a loss key, you will be responsible for the $80 replacement fee***